Welcome to refsource.

This contact list is made up of organisations that help and support asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in UK. The list includes:

  • Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs),
  • local refugee and migrant support groups,
  • national non-governmental agencies,
  • mainstream organisations in areas of particular relevance to migrants such as accommodation, education, employment and legal support,

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The objective of the site is to provide a list of useful contacts for asylum seekers and refugees and other migrants in UK, and people who support them.

  • Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the listings here are accurate or up to date, so you may have to do some additional research to track down the contacts. Please update us.
  • This version of the website is “beta”, a working prototype, which we sharing as a pilot to gather feedback, fix bugs and tidy the data.
  • We welcome recommendations of new contacts or updates or corrections, as well as feedback and comments.

Refsource is a project of Refugees at Home, it is unfunded, not for profit and run by volunteers. Please contact us if you’d like to help!

Data has been collated from personal contacts and public sources. Software is Open Source wherever possible, images are Creative Commons.