Bellefield Asylum Seekers


To all asylum seekers and refugees…

We are calling on all asylum seekers and refugees to come and support us. Come and join those of us who are already protesting. We know you are also going through the same things, especially women with children fighting against dispersal. The more of us there are, the more our protest can help all of us.

…and to the British community

And we are asking for support from all those who are for justice and against the way we are being treated. All must come and support the three people whose cases are legally challenging Section 55 which comes to the Appeal Court Wednesday 27 August. We are asking voluntary organisations to help prepare for and publicise this demonstration. We also need people to sleep at the church, vehicles to help transport people from the church to Refugee Council daily, plus food, blankets, bedding, and money for travel passes and transport. People and groups who support and give us things can’t buy the right to be in charge of, or direct our movement.

Come and support us at the Refugee Council: meet us any days of the week from 6 to 8pm in Bellefield Rd (behind Refugee Council in Brixton, SW9. Brixton Tube). Under Section 55 anyone of us can be made destitute. Join us in speaking out against it and changing the law.

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