Causeway Irish Housing Association

Haringey Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, London,
N17 8DX
020 8365 1751

Target young people aged 21+ who have low support needs and are willing to live in shared housing. Can accept couples. Target 10% lesbians and gay men. No local connection required. Cannot accept people with a history of violence and arson or those unwilling to abide by the equal opportunities policy or willing to share. The organisation prioritise Irish people. but welcome applicants, aged 18-45, of any nationality or ethnicity. Accept self referrals and referrals from any agency. Phone Mon-Fri 10am-5pm to check if the waiting list is open. Application form on website. If criteria are met, invited to interview. If suitable, placed on waiting list until a suitable vacancy arises. References must be sent with application form. Approximately £10 pw required from residents in receipt of benefits.

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