Conversation Club

Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk St, Sheffield
S1 2JB
07807 584657

For refugees and asylum seekers the club offers English practice and some basic English teaching together with quite a lot of orientation and cultural input plus fun, welcome and friendship.

For volunteers it provides an opportunity to get to know people from around the world, to develop understanding and empathy with refugee issues, and to make a positive contribution. It is perhaps due to the initiating group’s emphasis on friendship that the conversation club has developed the way it has.

Activities: The branches of our tree are spreading into the whole of the Sheffield community. The Peak Park have funded and joined us for walks into the Peak District. Local schools invite our members to talk to their students. We encourage the many skills of our members by producing newsletters, film discussions, forming links with other community groups. We broaden horizons by organising cultural outings to museums, films, other cities, archaeology sites, exhibitions, ……

The list is determined by the energy of our members – both volunteers and English learners.

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