Migrant Offshore Aid Station MOAS

A Lifeline To Save Lives
We believe that no one deserves to die at sea – and we are working hard to ensure that no one does.

MOAS believes that no one deserves to die at sea.

In the past two decades, tens of thousands of men, women and children – mostly refugees escaping violence, persecution and hardship – have lost their lives at sea while searching for a better life.

We are proud to have rescued over 30,000 people from the world’s deadliest maritime migration routes.

Established in response to the humanitarian disaster in October 2013, in which some 400 men, women and children drowned off the island of Lampedusa, MOAS has grown rapidly. Our rescue operations are carried out by professional search and rescue officers, operations specialists, and post-rescue care providers, while a team of skilled professionals in fundraising, communications and development oversee administration.

Using innovative technology in cooperation with coastal authorities, we provide desperately needed professional search and rescue operations.

In the years since our launch, we have worked with multiple partners in several regions, and have seen the devastating consequences of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our era. With our disaster relief initiatives needed more than ever, we are calling on the international community to rethink the global migration ‘crisis’ and urgently find sustainable solutions.
Join our call for #SafeAndLegalRoutes; support our life-saving mission in the Mediterranean Sea.


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