Women Asylum Seekers Together WAST Manchester


WAST women. We are often in vulnerable situations – isolated, traumatised, in ill health, facing destitution, homelessness, and deportation. But we refuse to be invisible and we are making our voice heard. We are women of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, language, religion, sexual orientation and disability. Some have children born in this country. Some have British spouses or partners. Our families face being split up by deportation.
We would like to thank the Immigration Team of Kenworthy’s Chambers for sponsoring the website.

Aims of WAST

Providing a safe and secure women only space and a source of support for each other, social and emotional
Empowerment for one another, sharing knowledge and information, skills and experiences.
Helping each other take forward our asylum applications and run campaigns.
Promoting and improving our skills and experience.
Involving ourselves in organisational and community development activities and networking with other groups.
Raising awareness and lobbying on Women’s Asylum issues.
Promoting a positive image of asylum seekers.


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