Contacts for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in UK

Refsource is a crowdsourced directory of organisations in UK that help and support refugees and asylum seekers collected over a number of years – you can contribute new contacts and leave comments.

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Barnet, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Coventry, Croydon, Esher, Haringey, Hackney, Harlow, Herts, Islington, Kingston, Leeds, Greater London, South London, North London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Sheffield, Somerset, Sussex, Surrey, Sunderland, Wales, Yorkshire & Humberside,

Women, Children and Young People, BME, Elder, Men, LGBT, Gay and Lesbian, African, Latin American, Syrian, Chinese, Albanian, Afghan – Farsi speakers, Afghan/ Pashtu speakers, All refugee communities, African community, Asian Women, DRC/Central Africa, Francophone African, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Russian and Former Soviet Union, Somali, Tamil, Turkish, Turkish & Kurdish, Ivory coast,

RCO, Employment Training and Volunteering, Advice, Housing, Health Services and Mental Health, Destitution Services, Interpreting and Translation, Leisure Social and Recreation, Education For Adults and Children, Legal and Advocacy Work, Classes / Socialising, Victim Support, Befriending, Racial Harassment Casework, Campaigning and Lobbying, Hosting, Transport, University scholarships,