list to do

more contacts

data cleaning/tidying

  • use the online list as “master” to enable editting sigle items thru cms, mass edits thru exported spreadsheet
  • no abbreviations as titles! (STAR, RAGU)
  • (hyperlinks? OK now?)

Done: Last week I added Charlotte’s Midlands list

Done: I’ve just published the drafts of Katie’s list (which i made into a spreadsheet)


Design: theme? for contacts/address book

Done: Functions: Map & postcode search functions
(may need list reimport? categories, dates, authors)

  • Data: segmenting the big rcodb list –
    – key contacts
    – manual check
    – mailout
    more contacts ref action commdevt?

Done: Content: About, FAQ, etc

next phase: logins for orgs

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